Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday, 8 April 2012

成記- Miri

Ikan masin steam tafou


Herba chicken


Simple dinner at  成記- Miri

Kek Sekaya

材料  :  10 粒旦 Egg
              1 1/2 瓶咖也(Kaya 400gm)
              1 罐 甜牛奶  milkmaid
              200g 好立克Holick
              180g 幼糖 Sugar
              60 克巴蘭葉精 Pandan paste (i  put 40g only)
              440g 牛油 Better
              300g 麵粉Flour
做法    :   (1) 牛油加幼糖打自發白,加入旦一次一粒,繼續打好.
                     Beat Butter + Caster sugar till mixture is light. beat in eggs at a time till all well beaten.
                (2) 加入牛奶,咖也和巴蘭葉精,拌均.
                      add in the milkmaid, kaya and pandan paste stir well.
                (3) 最後加入麵粉和好立克拌均匀.
                      last add in flour and holick.
                (4) 倒入已鋪紙塗油的十时方盤.用鋁紙蓋好,蒸約5-6小時.
                      use 10 inch tin lined with paper and greased. pour in the mixture and cover with aluminum foil.                       steam for about 5 - 6 hours.

Remark: 不是很满意。 但囗感还不错。

Chocolate Muffin


這chocolate muffin 做的不是很成功。不过吃起來还很軟。

Monday, 2 April 2012


homemade KoloMee Sam Sheng favourite. every every day mee mee till now.

Prawn Mee 虾面

1 person serve.

1。 烧热水把 面 (1 个人份) 和 青菜煮熟備用.
      boil over high heat water. put in mee and veg till cook. remove and drain.

2。 烧热油,放下 少許蒜,姜炒香,加入 少許红洒,生抽,1碗水 煮滚,在加入2隻 - 大虾,
      煮至熟 後加入 (1 ) 即可.
       Heat oil, stir fry garlic, ginger till fragrant, add in rice wine, light soy sauce, water, salt and M.S.G.
       bring to boil over high heat. add 2 big prawn cook for 5 min. put in ( 1) and serve.

Nice To Try.

Kek Holiday Inn


440g      Butter
300g      好力克
1 tin       Nestle Reduced Cream
220g      幻糖
1罐(中) 咖也
2大匙    Gravy Browning
10粒      旦
1 tin        甜牛奶 (i use small tin)
280g      麵粉
120克    黑糖漿
1小匙    Quick 75/SP


(1)  牛油+幼糖打至發白, 加入Quick 75, 再加入旦打,一次一粒繼續打好.
(2)  牛奶+咖也+Nestle Cream 拌均匀, 待用.
(3)  麵粉+ 好力克,渗匀。
(4)(1)+(2) 拌均, 加入(3)料,Gravy Browning拌均匀, 最後加入黑糖漿拌匀.
(5)  倒入已铺紙塗油10时方盤,用鋁紙蓋好,蒸约4小時.